Sense 57

Sense 57

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Pictures of the intrepid Sense 57

Heading to Southampton, where the boat show was due to open, from Les Sables d’Olonne, not far from the brand’s headquarters, the Sense 57 stopped over on the Breton coast for a photo and film session by Gilles Martin Raget and Guilain Grenier.

The shoot started as they passed the legendary Pointe du Raz, with its Vieille and Tévennec lighthouses, facing the captivating Island of Sein.  The weather was good, so they continued the photo report in these stunning surroundings, well known to sailors.

They finished the report in the seas around the Crozon peninsula, between the Pointe de Pen Hir and Cap de la Chèvre (headlands), concealing wonderful little creeks.

This beautiful backdrop resonates like a call to sea echoing the adventurous spirit of the range.